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Grow Yr Own Produce-Limited Space Is An Excuse!

To Increase Self Reliance Grow Your Own Food

To Increase Self Reliance Grow Your Own Food

One way to increase self reliance is to grow your own food or as much as possible.

It's most likely you won't be able to grow all of your own food unless you make some dietary changes. Seek to supplement what you grow with locally grown food. You may need to make some changes to what you eat.

In an urban environment, you can not grow enough wheat to make bread. You could substitute barley or corn for wheat.  Possibly bread is another alteration you will need to make in your diet or trade some of your produce for flour. This is not all “bad”. Some changes  might be “good” for your health!

If you have not thought through this entire process of self reliance, what it means for you on a daily basis, and how you might achieve your goal, then you need to go to the next page for more ideas on becoming self reliance!


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